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2020 Update

Retirement and New Direction



There comes a point in many breeders' lives where the pain of loss exceeds the joy of trying. Our household is there.  We have retired from breeding the lovely and unique Ragdoll cat. Many, many thanks to Kristie, Bev, and Lena for their unflagging support. We continue to be very thankful for everything and for you!


To that end, it is our hope that this website will become an informational nexus for new and existing pet owners.  We will explore new ideas, showcase ethical breeder efforts, share news, and generally try to be a positive support system to other breeders in our region.  We will also do our best to share information about Rescues and Retired Breeders as well.  In short, we hope you find our new direction useful - and maybe even a little fun-loving as well.


Stay Well,

Kevin and Steph

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Rescues, Returns, and Retired Breeders



At this time, we have no Rescues, Returns, or Retired Breeders, and we don't anticipate working with any in the foreseeable future.  Kristie of Longfellow Ragdolls is usually a good source for adult cats in need of new homes, as she is very well connected within the Ragdoll community and other breeders are in frequent communication with her.







If you are looking for a kitten, then we recommend contacting Kristie of Longfellow Ragdolls in Olympia, Lena of RagdollSEA Ragdolls in Seattle, and Bev of Bakerview Ragdolls just north of Bellingham.  It takes 5 months from conception to placement (two month pregnancy and three months of raising the babies to prime emotional and physical health), so give yourself and them some time to find the perfect baby.  It's worth it. 


Please do remember:  No matter WHO you get your baby form, Ragdolls RARELY make good “Only” kids.  They need the companionship of other animals as much as they need people. They do surprisingly well with other animals though (especially respectful dogs).



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