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Formerly known as Diamant Ragdolls, Rhapsody Ragdolls is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and is a member of TICA’s Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program. We also belong to the Ragdoll Connection Network (RCN). Please check out our links page for more information on Ragdoll cats and the organizations to which we belong, as well as some of the people we work with in our breeding program. In late 2010, we registered our new name, “Rhapsody”, with TICA. Our original name, “Diamant”, proved difficult for people to remember. The cattery name “Diamant” has been retired.


What’s Most Important To Us


My husband and I are former veterinary assistants and have worked with several licensed veterinarians in the past. As a result, you can be assured that our greatest priority is for the health and well-being of our cats. We carefully plan our litters in advance, and prefer to maintain a waiting list so that we don’t breed without demand. First and foremost, we breed for soundness of health and friendliness. We understand the importance of working with a premium veterinary team to ensure our queens go into each pregnancy strong and healthy, and we do not hesitate to retire a queen if it’s in her best interest either physically or emotionally.


The “Paint Job”


We work with four of the Point colors found in the breed (Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac) in the Bicolor, Mitted, and Colorpoint patterns. We also enjoy working with the Lynx subpattern (tabby stripes on top of the patterns). We have worked long in conjunction with Longfellow Ragdolls and White Rock Rags for several years to help bring the true, DNA-verified Chocolate and Lilac colors back into the breed.


We breed to the traditional, blue-eyed standard (two copies of the Siamese colorpoint gene) which most people are familiar with. Recently we’ve also started working with the Mink pattern. Minks are Ragdolls which possess one copy of the Burmese (sepia) colorpoint gene as well as one copy of the Siamese colorpoint gene, resulting in body color from birth, early distinction of the points, and, usually, aqua green eyes. We are extremely pleased with how very strong, large, healthy and social the kittens in the mink lines have turned out. Check our Contact Us page for a lovely example of a Lilac Mink Mitted Ragdoll kitten – our girl Selena!





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