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Happy New Years and Valentine’s Day!



February 2015 – Ragdolls are Sweetheart Kitties!


Breeding Diamond is proving problematic. There is nothing obviously wrong with her (after much testing), but she is not getting pregnant despite multiple matings, and it may be that she is just not “breed-worthy” anymore.  It happens, and we will respect that.  We will try one more time, and then retire her regardless of success of the effort.


Zhiva is being a little more cooperative!  She has been in her first heat since her last litter, so will also be bred at her next heat.  Here’s hoping she doesn’t overlap with Diamond!  She produces the friendliest kittens (including her daughter, the social bunny known as Holly!), so we’re looking forward to breeding her again.


Breeding kittens is a long-term undertaking:  from conception to placement is a five-month process (two month pregnancy plus three month maturation process until the kittens are ready to go home).  If you’re looking for a kitten now, I am very comfortable sending you to Bev, Lena and Kristie, depending on where you live and who has babies.


Summer Plans:  We had plans to take a break this summer, but family commitments are pushing my field work in Mongolia out to next Summer rather than this upcoming summer.  Fortunately, my Master’s program is flexible!


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Eventually this year, Diamond will be retired.  It may be sooner, it may be later, but it will happen. We’ll know when we know. We hope we get a nice daughter out of her first, but there’s no way to know until we get there.


We are temporarily holding off with retiring Zhiva. She was a very good, devoted mother who produced very healthy, happy babies but was a bit “stressy”. Once her babies got past the first few weeks, she calmed down substantially, so we’re going to try her one last time to see if the stressiness was simply because she was a first-time mom, or if it was because she’d be much happier with less competition for attention. Chances are good she’ll be retired then.


paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg


If we can’t provide what you want in a cat or kitten, we are definitely happy to make recommendations with other quality breeders with sound practices and high ethics, who may be a better match. Just ask, or visit our Important Links page and look at Friends of Rhapsody.


If you’re looking for a Ragdoll or are simply interested in meeting our cats and kittens, feel free to contact us now, and we’ll either set you up for a visit with us, or give you the contact information for any of these great breeders (or both – embrace the power of AND!)!



paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg



Visits are always welcome as an opportunity to educate people about what to expect from the breed. Even if we don’t have the purrsonality you’re looking for, we are in contact with other ethical, quality breeders in our region and are very happy to make strong recommendations.




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