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Zhiva was bred one last time, and gave me a spectacular son!  So once again, we have a boy in the house blue mitted Jazz! Hes big... hes bad (when he gets on the countertops)... hes floppy!!!  And totally full of fluffy Cute! 


Holly has been successfully bred for the last time. The waiting for babies begins once again. Kittens will be born in May. We have no idea what colors well get could be seal, could be blue, could be chocolate, could be lilac!  Well be keeping a daughter (if she gives us a good one), then retiring her.  


From start to finish, this is a 5-month process (9 week pregnancy then 12+ weeks until the kittens are ready to go home). If youre looking for a kitten now, I am very comfortable sending you to Bev, Lena and Kristie, depending on where you live and who has babies.


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Zhiva has been retired, but is not ready for placement yet shes not settling into retirement as smoothly as wed like. Weve had some post-spay complications, probably related to the stress of being in a hormonal environment. She is a quiet, shy girl who needs a quiet, relaxed, understanding situation where she can get some dedicated attention. When I feel shes ready, Ill announce it.


Ava has not grown large enough to be a queen, so will also be retired. Its better for her not to breed, and avoid complications.  That just how things go.  For all that shes not physically large, shes got a big, loving, warm purrsonality.  If youre looking for a  cuddle-bun, this is the girl!  Im looking to have her spayed in mid-April. 



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If we cant provide what you want in a cat or kitten, we are definitely happy to make recommendations with other quality breeders with sound practices and high ethics, who may be a better match. Just ask, or visit our Important Links page and look at Friends of Rhapsody.


If youre looking for a Ragdoll or are simply interested in meeting our cats and kittens, feel free to contact us now, and well either set you up for a visit with us, or give you the contact information for any of these great breeders (or both embrace the power of AND!)!



paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg



Visits are always welcome as an opportunity to educate people about what to expect from the breed. Even if we dont have the purrsonality youre looking for, we are in contact with other ethical, quality breeders in our region and are very happy to make strong recommendations.




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