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Is it Hallowe’en yet????



September / October 2014




In fact, our cup runneth over.... with boys.


Three boy kittens from Darya’s early July litter are very nearly ready for placement:  a chocolate mitted, a chocolate mink mitted (just like his uncle Twitch!), and a lilac lynx mitted with a blaze.  Talk about CUTE!!


Some of the seal boys in Zhiva’s litter are also still available, but won’t be ready until closer to Hallowe’en. 


Sadly, no girls available this time around.  This has been the Year of the Boy Kitten!  If it’s a girl you’d like and you’re open to a retired queen, see below!


paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg




Darya is having a very hard time physically with the whole Queening thing, so she’s going to be retired as soon as we get her weight back up. She’s been a very devoted mother, but isn’t giving herself nearly enough time away from the babies to recharge. This ends my mink line. I’m going to miss them – minks are a lot of fun. Darya is very sweet and affectionate, and gets along with almost everybody.


Zhiva will also be retired soon. She’s a very good, devoted mother as well but a bit “stressy”, and is giving indications that she’d be much happier with less competition for attention. We will be interviewing for “Only cat” placements for her. She’s a very sweet lap cat, but is too easily intimidated by other cats.


paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg


If we can’t provide what you want in a cat or kitten, we are definitely happy to make recommendations with other quality breeders with sound practices and high ethics, who may be a better match. Just ask, or visit our Important Links page and look at Friends of Rhapsody.


If you’re looking for a Ragdoll or are simply interested in meeting our cats and kittens, feel free to contact us now, and we’ll either set you up for a visit with us, or give you the contact information for any of these great breeders (or both – embrace the power of AND!)!



paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg paw14.jpg paw14_opp.jpg



Visits are always welcome as an opportunity to educate people about what to expect from the breed. Even if we don’t have the purrsonality you’re looking for, we are in contact with other ethical, quality breeders in our region and are very happy to make strong recommendations.




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