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Several breeders use written questionnaires to filter through potential homes. We prefer when people come over to visit and are prepared to talk about themselves and what they want in a cat. We quickly form an idea of whether a kitten will be a good fit for a family once it’s grown. Our goal is for *lifetime* placement of cats and their families, so we’re not afraid to advise waiting for another litter or referral to another quality breeder if the available kittens aren’t a good match for the family visiting. Some people find they are better suited for adopting an older kitten or a retired breeder, and we’re very happy to support that decision if it means a good fit and permanent placement.


By the time our kittens are ready to be placed at around 12 weeks, they will have had well-baby checks plus any necessary visits to our veterinary team, along with at least two sets of shots, DNA testing for color and HCM (when appropriate), and routine worming. Additionally, all our kittens go home with a one-year health guarantee and an adoption contract with pertinent medical history. Older kittens and retired breeders go home neutered with Rabies and Distemper shots and an adoption contract; health history will be provided when known.


We offer a discount for placing multiple kittens in a household. And because we work with friends involved with Ragdoll rescue, we also help place retired breeders to those homes looking for a cat rather than a kitten. This is often a good resource for people who want a Ragdoll but can’t afford the usual kitten fees, and we are very happy to match good owners up with cats in need. We have also had amazingly good success with barter, PayPal, and payment plans. If money is an issue, ask how we can work it out. It may well be worth it!


Spay/Neuter Policy


Domestic animal overpopulation is a problem in this country, and Washington State is no exception. In addition, there is a very serious problem with people who use unsound breeding practices in the hopes of making money (kitten mills, back yard breeders). There are also real health concerns and dangers faced by intact animals which are very easily avoided. As such, we do require all kittens sold as pets to be spayed or neutered prior to six months of age. The kitten will be registered with TICA when we receive a copy of the certificate of sterilization.


We abide by the recommendation of our premium veterinary team, whose policy is it to wait until your kitten is at least 5 months (20 weeks) of age before neutering or spaying, as this is a much safer age to perform this (genuinely necessary but still elective) surgery. The purchaser assumes all risks and consequences (complications from abdominal surgery, interstitial cystitis, etc.) if the kitten is spayed or neutered prior to this age, since the decision for doing so goes against the recommendation made by our own veterinary team.


Spaying or neutering your pet is a very necessary procedure to deal with the pet overpopulation problem and ensure a long and healthy life of your pet, but does constitute a decision with life-long health consequences that you and your veterinary professional should make together. We are happy to provide guidelines, and want to hear what you and your veterinarian have to say, so that everybody feels good about the ultimate decision.




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