Veterinary and Membership Links



Ragdoll Fanciers Club Int’l

A group of dedicated Ragdoll enthusiasts and friends, and a ready source of information on the breed

The International Cat Association


The world’s largest genetic cat registry, with whom we are proudly registered

The Ragdoll Connection Network

A fun site if ever there was – and informative too!

North Carolina State University

Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Lab

For information on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and DNA testing in Ragdolls

VCA Redwood Animal Hospital

Our Veterinary Team Par excellence – these professionals make sure our cats and kittens are strong and healthy!

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Genetics Lab

Offering DNA testing for coat color, blood type, and HCM




Friends of Rhapsody Ragdolls

(we’re happy to refer you)




Longfellow Ragdolls

Our Mentor in All Things Ragdoll.  We’d be forever lost without Longfellows!



Bakerview Ragdolls

A quality breeder who we work closely with, and a very dear friend


RagdollSEA Ragdolls

A quality breeder in Seattle who we enjoy working with


 Want to be listed as a friend?  Ask!!




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