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Beware the Back Yard Breeder!




People are sometimes a little shocked when they hear what price a healthy Ragdoll kitten goes for (base price $900 for pet quality, higher for show quality and mind-boggling for show/breeder quality). Please rest assured that our prices are LOW for our area. We spend a great deal of time and money on excellent veterinary care, premium food, and quality breed stock to ensure that you see few problems (and low vet bills) for the life of your healthy, happy cat. Quality healthcare and quality breeding are not cheap, but they are worthwhile in the long run.


There are several backyard breeders in the Seattle area who charge less. Don’t be fooled into thinking they offer a better deal; they frequently avoid expense by skimping on basic maternal, prenatal and well-baby healthcare to attract people with “low” prices. Far too often we’ve heard heart-breaking stories about inexpensive, flea-infested byb-acquired kittens that died after (often expensive) illnesses which good breeding and even one simple well-baby visit could have prevented. In these cases, the breeder was either nowhere to be found or simply refused to honor their contract. At least one bereaved owner has told us they paid more in preventable veterinary bills than if they’d bought from an ethical breeder – and had nothing to show for it but a deeply broken heart.


Not every condition can be prevented, but we work very hard to prevent what we can.




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